The new Premiums are here!!!!

Since 3 days the "Premiums" are in our online store and we would gladly like to introduce you to 2 specials: 

The Premium Pineapple Express CBD: 

This light; Sativa-dominant variety is characterized by compact,
bulbous buds that resemble the exotic fruit from which it takes
its name. Its light tropical flavour,with strong notes of pineapple and cedar blends
perfectly with its intense yet sweet and envelopine aroma. its energizing effect invigorates both body and mind making this strain ideal for productive afternoons and
creative escapes.

- very high CBD with over 20%

- less than 0,2% THC


- indoor grow

- fruity flavour

- very high in terpenes

- stress reducing and pain relief

....and next :

the Premium Royal Cheese :


This genetic is a masterpiece of
botanical engineering. Born from the
cross between the Auto Widow DV
CBD seeds and the Cheese bv Dinarem Cheese
CBD is must-have strain for
an self-respecting lover of Cheese
genetics. The smell 15 as dense, deep,
complex and penetrating as that ofthe original
Cheese: an unmistakable
Skunk base with a floral touch that
transtorms into a delicious seasoned
anees aron enriched with a barely
perceptible citrus aftertaste that
combines perfectlv with the properties
organoleptic characteristics or Cheese,
constituting the icing on the cake
completely explosive blend.
- VERY High CBD of 26%
- Indoor Flower
-100% chemical free
- less than 0,2% THC
- very stress and pain relief
- great taste
....those 2 Premium Flowers are the whole package and you should
give it a try !! 
..... you will find them in our store ! 
have a great weekend 
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