Arrival of the "Premiums" !

Long have we waited, finally they have arrived!

We are proud to present you the Premiums.

The premiums are a HIGH Quality flower with a very high CBD percentage while having very low THC ( <0,2%) . They are an Indoor grow made in Switzerland , hand trimmed and NO chemicals or terpene enhancement added. This high quality flower is grown under perfect conditions starting from the right water and fertilizer quality until the drying , trimming and curing to deliver a quality that is not available everywhere. 

We, from I-cana, are always searching for the best products, for your satisfaction and deliver them right to your doorstep as fast as possible. Always on the lookout for new , high quality products and new warehouses all around Europe to speed up the shipping time.

At the moment we deliver in Spain , Austria , France , Germany , Denmark , Netherlands , Cyprus , Poland and the United Kingdom with our products and many more will follow soon.

But let us make the long story short : go and check out our Premium Strains and all the other products in our store, we are sure if you like CBD, you will find what you look for!


the i-cana team

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